Veterans Deal with the Battle After War.

For many veterans the transition from a war zone to the lifestyle of a civilian can be difficult.  While there could be more resources for soldiers returning home, there are a few that really take pride in providing assistance for those that put there life on the line. U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center... Continue Reading →


Motivation of Music

A brief insider with the passion fueled 23-year-old percussionist, Micah Williams.

The Road To A Bright Future!

    College is amazing. It gives you the opportunity to gain a higher education. The opportunity to better yourself and others. An opportunity to make positive changes in the world. An opportunity of endless joy while having a career of your dreams.     HOWEVER  this opportunity comes at a cost and it is... Continue Reading →

Innocent Man Down!

21 year old fatally shot by an off duty officer.  On January 13th, 2018 Thomas Yatsko was fatally shot by an off duty officer working  as security at the Corner Alley in Cleveland, Ohio. Police say Thomas was involved in a fight and was soon kicked out of Corner Alley.  According to police records Thomas,... Continue Reading →

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