The Road To A Bright Future!

    College is amazing. It gives you the opportunity to gain a higher education. The opportunity to better yourself and others. An opportunity to make positive changes in the world. An opportunity of endless joy while having a career of your dreams.

    HOWEVER  this opportunity comes at a cost and it is expensive.

     This is one of the many ways a college student such as myself pays for this opportunity:

20180209_150710_Film2 (2)

A part-time job!


20180209_150318_Film2 (3)

   After a long week of class, every Friday and Saturday my work shift starts at 3pm.

A typical work day for me consists of:


20180209_150901_Film2 (3)

Helping customers.

20180209_155624_Film2 (2)

Stacking products, Wrapping products and sometimes placing other products on designated racks.

20180209_155541_Film2 (2)

Oh, I forgot to mention,  I have to record inventory and note any changes to products sold in the store. It does not stop here I,

20180209_164520_Film2 (2)

Check receipts when customers purchase any large large items or are leaving with any items . I must say out of all the task I perform this is my favorite, but nothing compares to

20180209_190500_Film2 (2)

Clock out time!


Sometimes it is hard work and the days are long but in the end I know it is worth it to have the opportunity of everything college brings become reality.


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