Cleveland State University increases health & wellness with campus services

A Doctor A Day Keeps The Millennial’s Away !

Recent research has shown  young people are avoiding regular visits to the doctor and subjecting themselves to prolonged illnesses

The top three reasons are listed below:

1. Concerns About Money

The anxiety about cost prevents many from seeking the healthcare they desire, and in some cases, desperately need

2. Millennial’s Are Busy Bodies

Between calling to schedule an appointment, driving to the office, lingering in a over-sanitized waiting room and then finally speaking to a doctor, the process can seem ridiculously drawn-out. Many college students would rather self-medicate and trudge through their misery than waste precious time on a visit to a general practitioner.

3. Young People View Health Differently

Mental health has become more emphasized over the years, and 55 percent of millennial’s agree that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

 Health & Wellness Services at Cleveland State University is stepping up and taking great strides to change this.

Check out the map below to visit more locations that offer convenient and practical health and wellness services


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